Our responsibilites

For schools taking the little polybottle, we have educational mailers to show the children how to wash and rinse out the bottles.  These mailers were first used with the Eco Schools in South Wales several years ago.

Children playing in field

DairyLink UK Ltd aim to offer sustainable procurement solutions to Local Education Authorities.  With the many stringent targets for the Local Government Sector to meet regarding sustainability, the environment, quality of service, e procurement etc, DairyLink are able to offer such a service to reduce food miles, meet environmental and waste targets, consolidated invoices, electronic procurement and many more added value services to the users of a Local Government contract, offering a one stop shop to reduce unnecessary hours of administration for the customer, whilst supporting small local businesses such as local milkmen who may otherwise not be able serve their local schools.

In England, we are working with dairies who offer such products to help the LEAs meet their recycling targets.  The 189ml award winning Nampak polybottle currently contains 10% recycled content which is currently being worked on to bring it up to 30% recycled material.

If your school would like a mailer for the polybottle, please go to the contact page and enter your details and request.